Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on July 12, 1944

July 12, 1944 – Wednesday

“Morgan’s Folly”

Mission #28 – target – Var RR Bridge near Nice France.  Takeoff 0600. Landing (1345 (0745) Total combat hours (141:10) Load 6000 lbs (6 -1000). Remarks:

1)     Lt. Morgenbesser was selected as lead bombardier.  He was to lead the 376th Group flying with Lt. Wornick;s crew, accompanied by Lt. Col Gillett as Co-pilot

2)     Lt. Florczak was to act as bombardier on Lt. Johnson’s crew

3)     Lt. Johnson had to feather #4 engine because he blew an air duct on the super charger.  He returned to base ¾ of an hour from target

4)     Generators on lead plane couldn’t raise enough frequency or voltage.  A-5 pilot and turrets couldn’t be used

5)     Bomb run had to be made by P.D.I.C – plane couldn’t climb to briefed altitude of 21500 feet so 19500 feet was substituted

6)     Target was picked up easily and quickly and 8 minute run was begun.

7)     Navigator picked up IP perfectly

8)     Pilot took out bombardiers corrections perfectly

9)     Bombardier synchronized perfectly

10)  30 seconds from target (bombardier release point) the gyros tumbled due to insufficient power.  Plane turned sharply right and bombs fell short and to the right by 300 feet

11)  Moderate and accurate flak encountered – no fighters

12)  No casualties

13)  Statistics – total bomb tonnage (95800lbs)(47.9 tons)

14)  Johnson received no mission credit