Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on July 5, 1944

July 5, 1944 – Wednesday

“Too long to Toulon”

Mission #24 – target – submarines and sub pens at Toulon in France. Takeoff 0750 Landing 1630 (0840) total combat hours (119:40) Load 5000 lbs Purpose – to destroy German subs and their installations in order to reduce Nazi sub activity in the Mediterranean.  Remarks:

1)     Sgt. McLean was still grounded.  Sgt  Graf acted as engineer.  A waist gunner borrowed from another crew was a substitute

2)     Most members of the crew took Benzedrine tablets which reduces fatigue and is effective for six hours

3)     This mission was our sixth in four days

4)     Target was effectively bombed despite a smoke screen

5)     Flak was heavy and fairly accurate.  No fighters encountered

6)     This marked the first time that we had gone over the same target twice.  However on our last visit to Toulon, we jettisoned our bombs in the sea.

7)     This was the longest mission we have yet flown 0840

8)     No casualties

9)     Statistics – total bomb tonnage (79,800)(39.9 tons)

10)  We received one slight flak hit but couldn’t locate it

11)  Entire crew grounded by flight surgeon

12)  Lt. Morgenbesser suggested to S-2 additional rest for overworked crews.