Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on June 22, 1944

June 22, 1944 – Thursday

“Installation Conflagration”

Mission #13 – target – bridge at Cadroipa in Northern Italy – takeoff 0730 Landing 1350 (620) Total combat hours (6210) Load 6000 lbs (6 1000 lb)  Remarks:

1)     Codroipa was 7 tenths covered by clouds, so alternate objective Forli-Ronco Airdrome installation was bombed.  This target was also in Northern Italy

2)     Bucksheesh – no flak, no fighters

3)     Just prior to landing tail gunner accidentally lodged his heated suit in the elevator control cable, crack up was luckily avoided

4)     Casualties none

5)     Large fires visible

6)     This was the first time “Ole John Silver”  had been on a mission since our first mission to Weiner-Neustadt.  It was repaired in two weeks.  We will insist on flying “ole John” because we liked the way the crippled ship brought us back safely.