Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on June 10, 1944

June 10, 1944 – Saturday

“wasting the Taxpayers Money”

Mission #10 – target – oil refinery at Trieste in Italy.  Takeoff 0600 landing 1230 total time (0630) total combat hours 4450  load 5000 lbs.  Remarks:

1)     Trieste was effectively plastered by the first wave of bombers, so we chose the alternate objective at Ancora in Italy.  Our target was the marshalling yards

2)     Mission was a washout because bombs fell beyond the target

3)     Purpose to further cripple Hitler’s lines of supply in order to hamper the retreating Nazis in Italy

4)     No flak, no fighters

5)     Bucksheesh

6)     No casualties

7)     Sgt. Graff grounded due to chills and fever