Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on June 9, 1944

June 9, 1944 – Friday

“Right in Der Feuhrer’s Place”

Mission #8,9 – target Offendoffenhofer Aircraft factory (Dornier) between Munich and Augsberg in Wessling in Germany.  Takeoff 0515 Landing 1330 (0815) total combat hours (3820) Load 5000 lbs.  Remarks

1)     Entire 15th Air Force participated

2)     Due to heavy cloudiness, alternate objective of the city of Munich was bombed – the target was the town itself.

3)     Purpose – civilian rioting had been reported in Munich due to air bombardment.  Raid was designed to increase riots

4)     Very intense flak encountered – inaccurate

5)     No fighter opposition

6)     Flak of varying intensity and accuracy encountered over four other areas

7)     Casualties none

8)     Bombing was accomplished at 23500 feet at a temperature of -32 centigrade. Plane had no heaters.