Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on May 30, 1944

May 30, 1944

“Unfinished Symphony”

Mission #3,4 – Target – Pottendorf Aircraft factory at Pottendorf in Austria. Remarks:

1)     On Taxiing out to runway, right wheel rolled into a hole on the taxi strip, plane collapsed on right wing

2)     Crew double-timed it for fear of exploding bombs or fire or both.

3)     Damage considerably damaged – Nose wheel flat, #4 engine and prop extensively battered, plane seems good for salvage

4)     Crew was scheduled for this mission with only four hours of uninterrupted sleep, due to air raid alarm

5)     Accident due to lack of sleep and case of head-up and locked

6)     Casualties none

7)     Lost one plane, possibility that five or more bailed out