James McConnaughey crew

James McConnaughey crew was assigned to the 512th Squadron.

The photo is dated April 22 1944.  Emil Gerlt Jr. is the 4th from the right looking at the camera.

Others in the photo, but order not known are:

Pilot James R. McConnaughey, 2nd Lt.
Co Pilot Nathan Dopp, 2nd, Lt.
Navigator Russel H. Deppe, 2nd Lt.
Bombardier George A Savage, Jr. 2nd Lt.
Opr. Gnr- Elmer J. Shriver, S/Sgt.
Arm. Gnr- Thomas F. Harkin, Sgt.
Arm. Gnr- Fred E. Leggett, Sgt.
Arm. Gnr- Kenneth F. Kaffenberger, Sgt.
Arm. Gnr- Paul E. Nesbitt, Sgt.