Edward Manko crew

Edward Manko crew was assigned to the 512th Squadron. Their names and positions are:

Standing, L to R:
Pinkham, Philip B.           31386636    Gunner
Young, Hugh A.              36465627    Ball Turret
Martin, Dominick A.        13134023    Radio Operator
Barnes, Leo                     35293863    Nose Turret
Prestridge, Thomas G.    14025210    Engineer

Kneeling, L to R:
Palmer, John S.                     T4453    Co-pilot
Schuyler, Stuart                2063484    Navigator
Manko, Edward                  829052    Pilot
Bartlett,                                             Bombardier
(replaced by Warren E. Grant)

Not in the picture:
Crewe, Richard W.           33278577    Tail Turret

Photo by John Palmer