Donald Macrae mission October 10, 1943

October 10, 1943  Mission to Calato Aerodrome on island of Rhodes. Briefed at 9:30am and took off 11:00 a.m. Weather pretty good. Over target around 3:00pm. Flew pretty good formation, let the Co-Pilot work the throttles at altitude and I the controls. We had twelve, 500lb. Bombs and the ship was hard to control. This combination worked out OK. Very little ack-ack and no fighters. The lead ships bombs hung up and we did a 180 degree turn and dropped our bombs.  Got home safely.  We hit Africa around Tobruk or Cirene and I let the Co-Pilot (Shick) fly while I looked at the scenery. Saw Derme, a pretty white town among the hills on the coast. Saw the rocky rolling hills and deep river gorges. Saw Mussolini's colonization project, now a11 deserted. There seems to be moisture in this area for there are trees on the hills. Have a sore throat, but it is getting better. Have word that we leave for operations out of Enfidaville once more. To bed around 9:30pm Cairo time.