Donald Macrae mission October 7, 1943

October 7, 1943 Up 5:30am and had breakfast. Went to the ship. Everything more or less in confusion. Took off 7:30am Cairo time. I flew on the lead ships right wing. The weather was good. The ship OK and Pilot was one of the new pilots. He proved to be OK. Out of 9 ships in A section only 3 got over the target. They had ball turrets and sure 1ooked good. Target was Maritza Aerodrome in Rhodes. The 98th was to follow us in. We were to pick up P-38 cover at Gambut if they could spare us the ship.  They didn’t go with us but saw them passing us going to the target as we were going home. Had McAtee's crew - an old crew, good boys. Mission was successful. Had been a veritable dust storm while we were away. Was windy on landing. Dusty and poor visibility. Everything OK. Had supper. Hitched to town for a shower, but had to walk from Bomber Command to Berka 11. Two or more miles.