Donald Macrae mission October 5, 1943

October 5, 1943  Tuesday. Rained early in the morning. Had breakfast 7:00am. Briefed 9:30a.m. Eleusis Aerodrome near Athens. Took off 11:00 am. Target around 2:15pm. Was on the left wing so let Fontaine (the Co-Pilot) fly over the target. It was rough for us. We were in 2nd element in lead sev1ion (A). The ack-ack wasn't too bad but enemy got 3 of our B-24's out of B Section. Watched one of the ships catch on fire and disintegrate. Watched the fighters make repeated sweeps on I and watched parachutes open up as the men left the plane. Our gunners got several of the fighters. Was rather pretty flying back over the c1ouds. Hard to realize that on1y a few hours ago we were hurling death across the skies. Were interrogated at 5:30pm and had supper. Saw a movie. It had rained while we were away and settled the dust a bit. Latest information is that we may be here for several weeks. Maybe 30 days. B25 and P38 Groups have moved over to Gambut.