Donald Macrae mission October 4, 1943

October 4, 1943  Got up at dark. Trucks took us to mess. Were briefed in a big hanger. The weather was good. Took off at 10:30 am Cairo time. Shant forget the red dust at Benina. Target was Tatoi Aerodrome in Greece. We were in the 2nd element. During the climb the leader turned back and we tried to get on the 1eft wing of the section 1eader where there was a vacancy. Another ship beat us to it so we flew a diamond. 3 Fighters were reported and the ack-ack wasn’t very bad.  Landed back at Berka II.  The Red Cross were there with coffee and donuts and P.X. supplies which were ours for the taking. Towels, soap, toothbrushes, candy, etc. That sure was welcome. We messed with the Service Group and the food was a treat. Everything was clean in the mess. Went in town for a hot shower at one of the native showers 5 piastres. Set up our cots and to bed. Good bombing. The 98th bombed also.