Donald Macrae mission September 22, 1943

September 22, 1943  Mission to an airport near Athens, Greece. The Colonel led the formation. I was on a right wing. Rice a Pilot on a new crew was to be my ca-pilot and his crew was to be the crew. Take off at 8:15. Landed at 3:00pm. The field was named Eleusion. I flew on the take off and around the pattern until we left the coast and let Rice fly most of the way there and back and over the target. I took it again in the traffic pattern and made the landing. Ate no breakfast because of the dysentery and suffered no discomfort throughout the trip. The weather was good. Low cumulus clouds near the coast. Made an awful fast climb and as #1 engine kept cutting out we dropped two bombs to lighten the load just before we hit the coast of Greece. After interrogation I had a swim and supper and to bed early.