Donald Macrae mission September 18, 1943

September 18, 1943  Went on a mission to Piscare. Flew with Welch. We led #3 element in A section. Had Lt Sassa S.2. Officer of the Sqdn with us. Was uneventful. No ack-ack, no fighters, long ride 11 1/2 hours. Flew A.F.G.E. over halfway back. Landed just before dark. One of our wing men started to have engine trouble and went cross country around the boot of Italy. We finally landed safely at a British Field near Tocra. Had supper around 8:30. Went to the Club and was waylayed by K.P. Iverson, who was drunk. Wanted to tell me all his troubles as Operations officer. There are lots of politics going on in the Sqdn. This one wants to fly and that one wants to fly. Squabbling over all these petty things. We have a war to win or do we. It’s not the best man for the job but who has a "friend" at court. Got to bed around 10:00 pm too tired.