Donald Macrae mission September 9, 1943

September 9, 1943  Today woke around 5:00am. Have "the drizzles". The breakfast was poor. Took off at 9:30 am for Foggia. Italy has surrendered.  Did so on the 3rd but German troops still hold important objectives so we still bomb Italy. Target was the airfield at Foggia. I flew quite a bit of the way. Was a pretty easy mission. Got home OK. Had the gripes while in the air so reported to the Dr. He gave me a brimming cup of Epsom salts and took me off flying for a while. So I was busy all night. Wrapped up my purchases in between times. Saw more fellows have their 300 hours in. The C.O., Capt. Mayfield, Dick Miller who graduated with me, has finished his time and also has his Captains Rank. It must be the breaks.  I sure tried hard, but I am still a co-pilot and only a 1st. Lt. To bed around 12:0Opm.