Donald Macrae mission August 23, 1943

August 23, 1943 Today the mission was to the marshalling yard at Bari. There were only 2 Groups this time, 376th and 98th. The 93rd, 44th and 389th were going back to England. They had come over here with the understanding they would only be here till August 10th and it was past that time now. No mishaps today. We took off at 9:00 AM and to climb we had to drop 3 or 4 bombs to keep up air speed. A super-charger was giving us trouble on #2 engine. We flew between Italy and Greece and hit Bari from the sea, but it was badly overcast and they practically had to bomb on E.T.A. K.P. let me fly quite a bit today. I am improving on ordinary formation but still not doing too well at altitude. I have only had a few hours at it. I am gaining a little strength but still not too strong. Back around 7:00 PM. Had supper and to the movies. No mail for some time. To bed around 11:00 PM. I still pray when I go on a mission. No long winded prayer, but a short request that I may come back safely and upon return I give thanks. A short 'Thank you God’. Nothing more is needed as far as I can see because the Creator should know what is in our heart.