Donald Macrae mission July 16, 1943

July 16, 1943 Was up at 6:30AM. Breakfast, were briefed to go to Bari Airfield in Italy. Took off at 9:20 but had to turn back around at 11:00 because of engine trouble. The wind was blowing pretty hard on landing and there was a 1ft of dust. The wind and dust kept up all day. I felt pretty tired and dirty. Tried to get transportation into town. None was available so took a dip in the ocean which was very refreshing. Had supper. Diary. Wrote some letters. Was a terribly windy' day and the dust blew everywhere. Mess has been poor lately. Fruits and vegetables have been very absent. Sure miss them in my diet. After supper went with Iverson to check the ship. By that time the missions had returned. It was a good thing we didn’t go, for our group 1ost three ships. Two were from 513 and Hinson and his crew were one of them. To bed around 10:00 PM.