Donald Macrae mission July 14, 1943

July 14 Today was up 7:30 AM. Went for a swim with the new "roomy" Capt. Owen. Then had breakfast and then briefing 9:30 AM. Target is Messina. Seven bomb groups will hit it before us. Five heavy and two medium bombers. It is hoped that Messina will be completely put out of the way. This time we are to bomb the railway marshalling yards and supply dumps. It was a good day. Got to the target OK. Very little fighter opposition and hardly any ack-ack over Messina, but in ___ turn off the target we went over Regio and got a lot of ack-ack. The ship was hit in several placed and it broke the windshield in front of the pilot and some of the glass but neither of us was hurt.  Over the target and back to base 9:00 PM. Saw smoke from fires all over Sicily and saw the Allied ships in the harbor of Sargoerese. On the way home ran across a twin-engine plane which the men said was a JU88. Don't know if that were true or not. Cleaned up and had supper at 8:30PM. Went to a movie and to bed.