Donald Macrae mission July 11, 1943

July 11  Today another fine day. Bombed the air fields in Regio in Italy. Were briefed at 8:30 AM. Took off at 10:30 AM. Target around 7:00 PM. Went " to 24,000 ft. and was cool up there about 20 below. No fighters, but there was ack-ack. Coming back we again saw the convoy of battle ships, about 2 dozen ships zig-zagging and full steam ahead for Italy or Sicily. Landed at 5:00 PM. Had supper. Called on Bond and visited up at the 5 Sqdn. Saw some very novel ideas for fixing up tents and making them more livable. One chap had bright colored rugs and cloths which brighten up everything. They were predominately reds and of came1 hair. Another tent had the f1ooring of marble that had been taken from buildings in Benghazi. Drank two drinks of Australian ale and became slightly inebriated. But it did me a lot of good. I felt fine and relaxed and slept well. Went to the show. One I had seen, it was called “Alleghany Uprising". Telling of the U. S. prior to the Revolution. It was rather corny.