Donald Macrae mission July 9, 1943

July 9  The weather today was excellent, but a bit hot. Briefing at 11:00 AM. Take off 1:30. Iverson was suffering from a “hang-over" and sore arm and didn’t want to fly. He didn't seem to have enough faith in my ability as a pilot and tried to get someone in my place. I told him I didn't mind, but it surely annoyed me. At the last minute he stayed behind and Welch took his place. The raid was to Toannina in Sicily near Catagnia. A small pleasure resort town where the German High Command had their staff H. Q. We were to bomb their Headquat1ers prior to invasion. We arrived at the target around 6:00 PM. Dropped our bombs and had a good bomb run and practically demolished the place. No enemy fighters and no “ack-ack". A few ships in the straits fired a few bursts at us.  Coming back we passed the invasion fleet steaming towards Sicily full steam. It was an impressive sight to see the battle array. First came the line of destroyers, then the cruisers and then the heavy ships and aircraft carriers. Some 2 dozen ships or more and there were patrol airplanes flying overhead. We changed our course to avoid them and fired recognition colors of the day. Home OK and Welch let me land the plane.  Fortunate1y made an excellent landing. In for a dip before supper. Had supper and to bed. (San Dominico Hotel in Toarrino).