Donald Macrae mission July 6, 1943

July 6  Today was to have been a mission but was cancelled. Breakfast at 9:00M1. Still have fresh eggs and French toast "and coffee but no fruit juice. Briefing postponed until after lunch. Took off around 3:00PM. Was very warm. Fe1t drowsy. Didn't ease off until above 10,000 feet and then only went to -10 degrees C. We flew on the right wing of lead ship of B section. Our target was one of the Auxiliary Airfields to Gerbini in Sicily. Right over the target the ack-ack was heavy and accurate and well covered a small area over the target. We were fortunate in not getting damaged. We had Fighter cover over Malta. Although one or two enemy fighters did manage to break in and get a few passes at our formation. One of the new Groups went with us over the target around 7:00 PM. Got home around supper. To bet around 11:30 PM. Group name is Liberandos. Each squadron has an insignia. Ours is a circle with skull and cross-bones super-imposed upon a 3-bladed propeller. The Group insignia is a winged sphinx on a field of sand and a bomb in a corner having painted on it the four figures representing the Squadron insignias (square, circle, diamond, triangle)