Donald Macrae mission July 2, 1943

July 2 Was up at 6:30 A.M. The sun was just coming up when we took off. It was a pretty sight. The sun was so strong and we rose so rapidly that it was almost blinding as we circled in formation. Today we were on a left wing, I~ until about an hour out our lead ship had an engine on fire and has to turn back. Then we went to the right wing. The new Group 93rd went on the raid with us. They were all green ships and flew a beautiful formation. All the way up and all the way back. The 98th and our group hit some place in Ita1y. It was very warm and I sweated profusely until we started to climb. We flew up between the heel of Italy and Coast of Greece and up6rottaglia near the Italian naval base of Taranto.. Didn't have too much time to look around but had a good view of the land locked harbor of the Naval Base and the break we had was fine. No pursuits bothered us and no ack ack" that I could see. Came straight back to “corridor” and landed. Getting 8 hours and 25 minutes. Took a dip in the ocean, got c1eaned up and had a shower. Got a lot of rest before going to the movie "Mr. W." with Leslie Howard. It was a good show. Then right to bed around 11:00 PM. Was tired but didn't sleep too well until near morning. Got some more mail and letter from Jane.