Donald Macrae mission June 27, 1943

June 27 - KALAMAKI - AIRPORT - GREECE Another fine day as far as weather. Briefing at 7:30 am. Took off at 1O:00 am.  Flew with K. P. Iverson – Major Hoover was 1eading.  Like any other raid. We were flying in first element on right wing.  Came to the Islands of Greece in a short time and climbed to altitude.  The coast is heavily indented and there are many small islands - the shore is rocky - the islands are mountainous and very cut up.  The harbors and bays are not too deep for the water is green from the air and not blue.  This is a sign of shallower water.  Approaching the target the lead ship had to leave formation and we were left to lead. Hardly were prepared far it but did our best. Over the target on the bomb run we had two eager fighters attack us ME-1O9's according to the gunner.  They saw 4 more ships coming up.  A section which was behind us had about 10 - 15 fighters attack them. There was some ack-ack but I did not see it, and it was reported as being below. No damage to us. We dropped fragmentation bombs and the pictures that day showed good results. Home in 6 hours. Had supper. Went in for a swim.  The water was grand.  Felt tired – sat around and talked a bit at the Club and to bed around 10:00 pm.  Was hot at night.  Our target over near the Greek city of Athens - _______ for years back and years to come.