Donald Macrae mission June 21, 1943

June 21 – Another fine day. Up by 6:30 am.  Watched the sun rise in the eastern sky.  Had breakfast were briefed and took off 9:50 am.  Flew on the right wing of 3rd element of A section.  The target was the ferry slip and railroad yards at Reggio di Calabria.  Was a pretty good mission - ack ack wasn't too heavy because we weren't on the target too long.  However there were about 6 fighters that attacked us as we were leaving the target and they tried to hit us from the front  but were discouraged by the 50 calibers so came in at the blind spots and at the rear.  We got several of them but they damaged one of our ships and injured the pilot and co-pilot.  Afterwards we found out that the co-pilot who had never landed the B-24 before brought the ship in with one engine feathered and both wheels had to be cranked down. He is a small little mild mannered fellow named Cochran and was wounded himself in the shoulder.  The fighter either dumped out small bombs or shot explosive shells so that it resembled ack-ack.  This stuff was very disconcerting.  The ship although in not too good formation held together in elements and looked good until we were way off the coast of Italy. Got home OK.  Were interrogated. Had supper.  Went to a movie – English type - "This man is News" and to bed around 11:00pm.