Donald Macrae mission June 19, 1943

June 19 - Saturday - mission today to San Giovani.  Ferry slip and the ferrys that are between there and Regio.  Had a good breakfast of fried eggs and toast and fruit juice.  Were briefed and took off 10:10.  We lead an element and I did very little flying.  It was a fine day but there was a lot of cumulus clouds.  This for most of the way across the Mediterranean.  The target was pretty well obscured.  Made one pass across.  Dropped no bombs.  Made another pass and by this time the ack-ack was heavy and accurate and there were fighters in the air.  These lads did a good job and made pass after pass until we were quite some distance away from Italy.  We got hit a couple of places but no real damage and no one hurt.  1 out of our 7 (512) ships never got to the target.  There were of course the usual _______ of about 12 ships back.  Ran into quite a bit of weather on the way back.  Overcast on the coast of Africa.  Landed 17:35.  Were interrogated had supper, checked the mail at 513 Sqdn.  Went in swimming with Bill Bond.  The surf was pretty high. Stayed a short while and as it was nearly dark, returned to his tent and played a game of checkers.  Then to my tent played some solitaire and to bed.  Am getting quite a bit of pleasure and relaxation out of reading and playing cards and checkers.  Having a chance to read the classics.