Donald Macrae mission June 17, 1943

June 17 - Today was another fine day.  Breakfast. Briefed and take off by 11:00 am.  Mission to Comiso in southern Sicily.  Circled Malta and picked up fighter escort.  We were flying 2nd element.  The mission was fairly successful, but a bit screwed up.  Our element dropped its bombs and got away.  The rest of our section made two bomb runs - some having dropped their bombs the first time.  We wandered all over the sky coming back.  Ended up by Derna so as to get more time.  Everything hangs on how many combat hours a man or crew has.  I flew quite a bit of the way.  My new crew is a good lot. The pilot K.P. Iverson even divides pilot time.  It is a small thing but shows a decent gesture.  My formation flying is improving. Flew over Mussolini's colonizing effort on the way back over Barce. It is pretty country. Grow grain.  It is mountainous back by Derna. Back to the post by 5:00PM.  Had supper and went to town for a shower stopped at hospital and talked to Rodgers who is in for appendix operation.  Talker to Bond for awhile.  Bed around 10:00 pm.