Donald Macrae mission June 13, 1943

June 13  Was a bit tired this morning. Up and breakfast 6:30 am.  Pretty sunrise.  Had fried eggs and tomato juice and French toast.  Briefing 7:00 am.  Had a bit of trouble with the tail turret but able to get on the mission.  Went to Gerbini again.  Circled Malta and picked up a fighter escort from Soluch.  Trip took 7 hours 10 minutes.  It was a bit cloudy and low overcast but target was clear.  Light but accurate. ack ack, hit the ship in a couple of places but did no real damage.  Apparently did some damage to the air field.  Ran into a “front" both coming and going, got a few showers. Landed about 4:45 pm.  Were interrogated.  Had supper. Checked on mail at 513 and signed flight certificate. Called on Bond and Whitehill.  Dropped by 512 officers club.  Got some washing water.  Went for a swim.  Wrote in diary.  Wrote some letter and to bed around 10:00 pm.  Am getting in more flying time and more actual flying.  Sure need the practice. Sure hope to get checked out for first pilot some day and to get a boost in rank.