Donald Macrae mission June 9, 1943

June 9 Briefing at 7:45 AM.  Took off l0:00 A.M. Was again a lovely day.  Did very little work on the whole trip.  Most of the time we flew in A.F.C.E.  Flew to Malta and there were to have picked up a fighter escort for our target was an airfield in Sicily (Gerbini).  Were over Malta at 19,000 ft circled and as we did not see our escort took off for Sicily.  Were over the target at 1:30 (local time).  Base altitude 24,000 ft.  Bombing run was 2 minutes at 21,000 ft.  No opposition and very little ack ack. Just as we left Sicily saw some pink colored puffs of ack ack at 15,000 ft.  The weather was clear with very little cumulus clouds slight haze. Trip took 7 hours and 10 minutes.  Landed around 5:15 PM. Had supper.  Called on Joe Prendergast who had just got back from leave at Palestine.  Went to the movie.  (Went for an evening walk).  My thoughts and actions are changing again.  Something is going to happen that will be a change in the circumstances of my life.  I don't know why I feel it.  There is surely some Supreme law that motivates all.