Donald Macrae mission June 6, 1943

June 6  Raid on San Giovani Ferry slip. Found a note awaiting me last night telling me I was to fly with Fallon's crew in the morning.  Briefing at 7:30 AM. Took off 10:00 AM.  Fallon was OK to fly with and I enjoyed being with his crew. I flew most of the way and did a poor job of flying.  It has been so long since I have done any formation flying. Was a real work out.  Our section San Giovani Ferry slip and the other section took Regio di Calabria.  There was a few scattered cumulus clouds.  Base altitude at 24,000 ft.  There was ack ack and fighters.  The fighters kept with us for 20 - 25 minutes after we the target. Got about 7 hours.  Today nothing seemed to bother me save that I couldn't fly very good formation.  I was fairly comfortable and enjoyed the trip.  It was a lovely day out.  Back and had supper. Washed my hair and shaved and wrote in diary.