Donald Macrae mission April 10, 1943

April 10 - Warm windy day and showery and I felt none too good.  Have a sort of headache and cold in the head. Were briefed at 11:00 am had lunch.  And the staff of the 9th bomber Command were at the briefing.  Colonel Ent, Lt. Colonel Wade, and a lot of staff officers.  Went to Naples.  Capt. Zucco, Engineering Officer went along as passenger.  Had a lot of trouble with the ship.  Just little things, #3 propeller, governor stuck at 23,000 ft over the target.  Tail turret gun went out over the target.  #1 engine lost a lot of oil and we couldn't feather it.  Finally lost it, it ran out of oil and "froze" up.  Was cloudy and rain showers until we rounded the coast and climbed above the cloud level 17,000 ft. Flew formation. Was rough flying over the mountains again flew over the water. Could see the Isle of Capri and Mt. Vesuvius.  Was a pretty sight.  Then started over the bomb run on Naples.  It was clear over the target. Approached it from the west.  Started at 26,OOOft and bombed at 23,000 ft.  The anti aircraft fire was pretty heavy and accurate and there were some fighters which attacked us on way to target, on it, and going away from it.  One fighter went out of control and the pilot bailed out.  Could see his "chute" spread out.  Flew back over Italy in formation.  Messina fired on us as we passed but we were too far away.  When it became dark we dropped down for comfort and for the engines.  Benghazi was lit by lights.  Started our bad engine to land with but the engine went out - had to 1and with three.  Had supper and were briefed.  Drank a bottle o£ beer and to bed at 2:20 am.