George Lumsden crew

George Lumsden crew was assigned to the 514th Squadron.  The men and their positions are:

Miller, Jr., Grover C.       34871075    Engineer
Devine, Lowell R.           19201061    Nose or Ball Turret
Schroder, Jr., John H.     37627321    Ball or Top Turret
Salzman, Albert J.          12194733    Radio Operator
Price, Lloyd C.               39396634    Gunner
Long, Glen C.                37519156    Gunner

Lumsden, George T.          829515    Pilot
Shockey, Thomas R.        2062061    Co-pilot
Hansen, Irvin L.               2072717    Navigator
Fairchild, Donald D.        T128639    Bombardier

Photo by unknown.

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