Charles Lowry crew

Charles Lowry crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron.

Back row left to right: Fred Marsh- nose gunner; Harry Fritz- tail gunner; Ken Child- engineer; Nick Maranno- waist gunner; George Monroe- radio operator/top turret gunner
Front row left to right- Joe Martinez- ball turret gunner; Steve Donnelly- navigator; Charles "Chuck" Lowery- pilot; Gene "Candy" Cantrell- co-pilot; Ted Versuk- bombardier.

This crew was shot down and crashed near the target on August 10, 1944 on mission to the Ploesti, Romania oil refineries. The entire crew bailed out and were taken captive. They were held POW for 44 days until they were liberated by the Russian Army. George Monroe was on leave the day they were shot down and Joe Alan was the radio operator and top turret gunner that day.