Paul Long crew

Paul Long crew was transferred from India to the Middle East to Join HALPRO.  Members were:

Standing, L to R:

Long, Paul J.                    21834    Pilot
Emens, Justus A.           427709    Pilot / Co-pilot
Postelle, Arnold W.        434467    Navigator
Del Messier, Bruno C.    392134    Bombardier

Kneeling, L to R:

Hall, Alvin G.                19017420    Gunner
Griggs, Charles A.          6581128    Gunner
Madsen, Rudolph V.     19049969    Radio
Burgin, Barney W.             691416    Engineer
Brown, Francis                                  Gunner

William F. Shelley was a member of the crew when they left India.  After 5 missions, he was assigned to the newly formed photo section.