John Lavin crew

John Lavin crew transferred from India to the Middle East as part of the Brereton Detachment.  Although their respective positions are not known, their names are:

Lavin, John N.                393146    Pilot
Gerzin, Walter J.             421596    Pilot / Co-pilot
Seeley, Harvey N.           433992    Nav-Bom

Janette, Raymond M.    6933289    Engineer
Holloway, Jr., Harry      6950014    Radio
Wachs, Vincent F.         6995287    Tail Turret
Gray, Carl R.               13001321    Waist Gunner
Heising, Richard J.      17015285    Gunner

Richard L. Weis      - original Navigator, not part of 376
George Davis         - original Engineer, not part of 376
Boyce Harvey         - original Bombardier, not part of 376
Roland Fletcher       - original Gunner, not part of 376

Photo provided by Harry Holloway, taken after the April 26, 1943 raid on Bari, Italy.  According to Harry, Uzal Ent was the co-pilot that day, so he should be in the picture.