Harry Kornrumph crew

Harry Kornrumph crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron.  There are no known photos of the crew.  The men and their positions are:

Kornrumph, Harry W.                          417702    Pilot
Mannen, Daniel J.                                829516    Co-pilot
Cerelli, Victor                                    2060471    Navigator
Capone, Frank A.                                754723    Bombardier

Dressen, Kenneth J.                        36479743    Engineer
Mutschler, Richard E.                      15327241    Radio Operator
Joslyn, Warren D.                              1220165    Tail Turret
Sjerven, Vernon A.                          17153963    Engineer, Dept 748
Flynn, Thomas F.                            11101649    Top Turret
Ludwig, Albert P.                            13029054    Ball Turret
Smith, Robert P.                              16070129    Nose Turret