Ronald B. Kneller

Staff Sargent Ronald B. Kneller, Serial Number 37683447. This Sargent was MIA on the incomplete mission #362 - November 11, 1944. Does anyone know this man's crew, have pictures or information on them? His family knows he was in the 8th AF and then transferred to the 15th AF, 376th Bomb Group, 515th Squadron. 

Historian's note: Kneller was part of Donald Langer's crew.  He was the nose turret gunner.  The Langer crew arrived at the 376th HBG on Oct 30, 1944.  The crew members were:

Langer, Donald F.              743036    Pilot
Withers, Carl R.                  711289    Co-pilot
Cress, Curg K.                  2064224    Navigator
Bellis, Milton D.                  780208    Bombardier

Daley, Marion H.             14085097    Engineer
Kane, Edward R.              32091003    Radio
Strittmatter, Raymon L.    38429082    Tail
Salmala, Chester G.          37583912    Gunner
Enos, Edgar S.                  33750522    Ball
Kneller, Ronald B.             37683447    Nose

Withers was not on board the plane when it was lost. the co-pilot was:
Vanvakerides, Gregory    T    823741    Copilot

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