Robert Jackman Mission March 31, 1945

3/31/45 – Linz Austria, B24 (J) #75 ( Flamin Maniac ) 7 hours 20 minutes,Flew at 23,500 feet
Temp. -30 degrees, Flack intense and accurate, 8/10 Coverage. Flew with Lt. Hatem. Had closest call when flack burst next to my head about ½ inch away and threw glass all around, Knocked me to the floor. Two ships went down. Bombardier Killed. One ship downed at Zara. Enemy Fighters seen in Udine area. Hydraulic system shot out, Super chargers shot out. #3 and #4 engines lost
But repaired with 16 inch Manifold pressure. Fire in bomb bay, Gear cranked down, Flaps Pumped down, Doors cranked open. No Brakes. Over 30 major Flack holes