Franklin Hunsaker crew

Franklin Hunsaker crew was assigned to the 514th Squadron.  There are no known photos of the crew.  The men and their positions are:

Hunsaker, Franklin C.                              747420    Pilot
McFarland, John M.                                  561585    Co-pilot
Vega, Paul J.                                             671148    Navigator
Boyd, Walter P.                                         678405    Bombardier

Masson, Henry J.                                    31082298    Engineer
Hamblin, Joe W.                                     37221246    Gunner
Holden, Elbridge C.                                14071224    Armorer
Day, Burl L.                                            35357604    Top Turret
Sullivan, James W.                                  31160869    Radio Operator
Allen, Robert M.                                     18105188    Armorer