Waino Hakkinen crew

Waino Hakkinen crew was assigned to the 515th Squadron.  There are no known photos of the crew.  The men and their positions are:

Hakkinen, Waino E.                                         799012    Pilot / Co-pilot
Vickers, James J.                                             680342    Pilot / Co-pilot
Weisbraut, Samuel (NMI)                                 791879    Navigator
Cummings, John F.                                         733824    Bombardier

Dent, William M.                                        39020276    Engineer
DeAngelo, John A.                                     31144522    Radio Operator
Lysne, Dennis E.                                        37550251    Armorer
Chapman, Nolan A.                                   39236656    Gunner
Anderson, Marvin L.                                  37309712    Ball Turret
Collier, Jack D.                                          18226124    Arm