John A. Griffin crew

John Griffin crew was assigned to the 514th Squadron.  The above picture came from Gayle Cruthirds.  The men and their positions are:

Kneeling, L to R:
Carrander, James T.                   711338    Navigator
Griffin, John A.                                          Pilot
Arth, Peter                                                 Pilot / Co-pilot
Schlatter, Hubert F.                    698604    Bombardier

Standing, L to R:
Limbocker, William H.                                   Gunner
Janosko, Joseph W.                                       Engineer
Cruthirds, Gayle H.                                      Nose Turret
Blunt, Edward F.                                           Gunner
Martin, Russell L.                                         Top Turret
Lane, Ray W.                                                 Gunner