Harry R. Gillett photo 5

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This is a photo of the men who flew the plane, Rowdy Ann, back to the States.  The men ID'ed are:

3rd from left, standing - Capt. Gerald Brown

4th from left, standing - Lt. Edward F. Clendenin

4th from right, standing - Capt. E. Garrison Wood

2nd from right - either Lt. Robert Hunter or Lt. Richard Zuber

3rd from left, kneeling - either Lt. Kenneth Benoit, Lt. ? Sessa, or Lt. Bernard Bashline

4th from left, kneeling - Lt. Richard Zuber (?)

2nd from right, kneeling - Lt. Col. Harry Gillett.  He was the 512th Squadron CO.

The Rowdy Ann was a 98th HBG plane that Clendenin was sent to Foggia to recover.  It flew no missions with the 376th.