Harry R. Gillett mission February 17, 1944

17 February 1944: "Decided to go on ground support mission to the Anzio Beachhead.

T.O.T. 1210, bombed small stream bed with enemy tanks and artillery. Flak very accurate. We were hit several times. Lt. McClellan hit in leg, he called on the interphone. Our No.3 engine hit and smoking, dropped out of formation.

2 Spitfires gave us cover to Naples. Feathered No.3 engine. Hydraulic system out. Cranked wheels down.

We had a hung bomb and it was armed, had to be released before we could land. Took Lt. McClellan, although wounded, sometime to release bomb over the Sea. Engineer had difficulty in manually unlocking down locks on the gear and cranking gear down. Never sure gear locked down till we touched down. We also couldn’t transfer fuel.