Paul George crew

Paul George crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron.  There are no known photos of the crew.  The men and their positions are:

George, Paul P.                                              Pilot
Kaplan, Paul (NMI)                          T-3075    Co-pilot, Dept 1024
Benjamin, Edward H.                      805243    Navigator, Dept 1034
Young, Roger W.                            716803    Bombardier, Dept 1035

Whitlock, George B.                     14066634    Engineer, Dept 748
Louzao, Joseph A.                       12084216    Radio Operator, Dept 757
Gauchat, Robert L.                      37621907    Tail Turret, Dept 612
Rubington, Erwin (NMI)                11092741    Waist Gunner, Dept 612
Ferguson, Jack J.                          38370457    Ball Turret, Dept 612
Smith, J. H.                                                      Nose