Henry V. Ford crew

Henry V. Ford crew was assigned to the 512th Squadron.

Standing: Captain Henry V. Ford (Richmond, VA) - Pilot, Lt. Stanford Fenton (Brooklyn, NY) - Navigator, Lt. Phil Hoskins (Louisville, KY) - Co-Pilot, Lt. Charles Shircliffe (Louisville, KY) - Bombardier.

Front row: S/Sgt. Sammy Astorino (Canonsburg, PA) - Ball Gunner, S/Sgt. Charles Habern (Denison, TX) - Tail Gunner, T/Sgt. Bob Stahl (Chicago, IL) - Radio Operator (KIA), T/Sgt. Fred "Bunky" Wagner (Baltimore, MD) - Engineer, S/Sgt. Angelo Monolo (Detroit, MI) - Top Turret Gunner, S/Sgt. Paul Ceyrolles (Hershey, PA) - Nose Gunner.

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