John Doty crew

John Doty crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron. 

The men and their positions are:

Standing, L to R:
Doty, John S.                                                Pilot
Pearson, A. Warren                                       Co-pilot
Hubbard, Harold E.                                       Navigator
Johnson, Kenneth C.                                     Bombardier

Kneeling, L to R:
Reber, Robert E.                         36817166    Engineer
Parsley, Charles H.                     35811265    Nose Turret
Hoffman, Theodore W.               31313759    Gunner
Bobrow, Alvin E.                         14102704    Tail Turret
Connell, John P.                          33597274    RCM
Muster, James E.                         35811267    Ball Turret