Distinguished Unit Citation

For Action Over Tunisia and Sicily
May 1942 - 17, August, 1943

War Department General Orders No. 23, 1944

The 376th Bombardment Group (H). For outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy in strategic support of the Allied forces in the Middle East theater from May 1942 to the capitulation of the enemy forces in Tunisia and in Sicily. Arriving in the Middle East as a task force and later operating as a provisional bomb group before it was organized as the 376th Bombardment Group (H), this organization conducted the first United States air combat operations in defense of the then threatened Suez Canal area in particular, and the Mediterranean Sea in general.

Later, in support of the British Eighth Army, and throughout this period, this group made long range attacks on enemy port installations, shipping, airdromes, and other vitally important targets which necessitated long flights over dangerous desert terrain, enemy territory, and the Mediterranean Sea without fighter escort.

The eminently successful conduct of these attacks despite intense anti aircraft fire and enemy fighter opposition was directly responsible for the weakening of the enemy in the Middle East by the disruption of their lines of supply, airdromes, shipping bases, and other vital installations.

Their aircraft crews exhibited the greatest of bravery, resourcefulness, stamina, and skill, while the ground personnel performed their duties under difficult desert conditions with such initiative, untiring effort, and devotion to duty as will always be worthy of emulation.

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