Kenneth DeLong Mission December 11, 1942


DATE Fri. 12/11/42 & Sat. 12/12/42 

COMBAT FLYING HOURS 17:15             (Total tour 277:30)


BRIEFING 0430 TAKE OFF 0610 LANDING 0930 (Gambut)

                        TAKE OFF 1030 Landing 2120 (Gambut)

                        TAKE OFF 0815 LANDING 1120 (Abu Sueir)

CREW Capt. T. D. Brown Plane #49

BOMB LOAD 5-10001b TARGET TIME Not shown BOMBING ALT. 23000'

NO. OF PLANES 9-B24's (ours) and 18 from 98th Bomb Group

BOMBING RESULTS--Many large fires started, confirmed by group photographs of harbor area.

ENEMY ACTION--Very heavy anti-aircraft fire. Numerous enemy fighters attacked our formation. Three of them converged on planes piloted by Lt. Kennedy and Lt. Leader and shot them down. Lt. Kennedy's plane was seen to hit the water. No report of parachutes. The 98th claimed 2 fighters downed.

OTHER REMARKS--The formations of 27 planes were led by Col. McGuire in #46. Capt. Brown flew #2 position in 1st element. The 98th followed behind our 9 planes.

Flew west, then north from Gambut ... between toe and heel of Italy. Passed near Mt. Vesuvius. Landed slightly off runway, but safely at desert base. Capt. Whitlock (HALPRO crew #19,C flight co-pilot) crash landed on runway--no injuries.

Slept on plane Fri. night and left for home base at 0815 Sat.