Kenneth DeLong Mission December 7, 1942


DATE 12/7 (lst Anniversary of Pearl Harbor)

COMBAT HRS 12:20             (Total tour 260:15)

TARGET Tripoli,Libya    HOME BASE Abu Sueir, Egypt

BRIEFING 0515 TAKE OFF 0635 LANDING 0955(Gambut, Landing ground 139)

                       TAKE OFF 1255 (Gambut) LANDING 2155(Abu Sueir)

CREW Major Hahn PLANE NO. 46 Malicious

BOMB LOAD 9-500 lb TARGET TIME see remarks BOMBING ALTITUDE 23000' NO. OF PLANES not listed-probably 9 (did show only 5 reached target


ENEMY ACTION--not shown

OTHER REMARKS--My third mission as volunteer with another crew and more problems. The tail gunner had difficulty with oxygen supply. Took portable bottle ... couldn't get his system to work, so pilot made decision to turn back less than an hour from Tripoli (we were at 23000' at the time). Other crews also had problems and only 5 planes reached the target.