Kenneth DeLong Mission October 6, 1942


DATE Tues 10/6 COMBAT FLYING HOURS 11:00 (Total tour 194:10)

TARGET Benghazi, Libya HOME BASE Lydda, Palestine


CREW Lt. T. D. Brown PLANE NO. 21 Babe, the Big Blue Ox

BOMB LOAD 5-1000 lb TARGET TIME 1845 BOMBING ALT. 24000' NO. OF PLANES 9-B24's

BOMBING RESULTS--Not mentioned

ENEMY ACTION--Anti-aircraft fire was moderate, but extremely accurate.

Two ME-l09's attacked the 2nd element. Had running battle for about 20 minutes. Plane #1 had to feather #2 prop. #15 landed at Aquir.

OTHER REMARKS--Three planes turned back before reaching target-various reasons. We and planes #22 and 24 were the only ones to land at Lydda. Heard at interrogation that #1 made an emergency landing at another field (3 injured crew members). Four days later, it was reported the tail and waist gunner were killed (no names listed). #4 never called in. Later report said their radio was shot out, and crew bailed out over Beirut (one broke leg, 2 broke ankle bones)