Kenneth DeLong Mission September 13, 1942


DATE Sun. 9/13 & Mon. 9/14

COMBAT FLYING HOURS 11:40 (Total tour 172:10)

TARGET Benghazi, Libya HOME BASE Lydda, Palestine

BRIEFING 1300 TAKE OFF 1600 LANDING 0340 (9/14)

CREW Lt. T. D. Brown PLANE NO. 11

BOMB LOAD 9-500 lb. TARGET TIME 2130-2325 BOMBING ALT. 25000' NO. OF PLANES 9-B24's

BOMBING RESULTS--MADE 4 long bomb runs. Unable to see results due to cloud cover.

ENEMY ACTION--Counted 18 searchlights; anti-aircraft fire was heavy and accurate. Saw no fighters.

OTHER REMARKS--Three elements of 3 each 24's took off at 1 hour intervals for this mission. Spent long time over target area in deathly cold temperature. Next morning BBC News stated paratroop commandos had raided TOBRUK Sunday night.